Where did Christian Bale get his start?

Bale made his big-screen debut, with little formal training as an actor, at age 13 in Empire of the SunEmpire of the SunEmpire of the Sun is a 1987 American epic coming-of-age war film directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Tom Stoppard, based on J. G. Ballard’s semi-autobiographical 1984 novel of the same name.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Empire_of_the_Sun_(film)Empire of the Sun (film) – Wikipedia (1987). He received an overwhelming amount of attention for his role, and thereafter he became intensely private, striving to keep his personal life out of the media limelight.

Where was Christian Bale brought up?

Christian Charles Philip Bale was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK on January 30, 1974, to English parents Jennifer “Jenny” (James) and David Bale. His mother was a circus performer and his father, who was born in South Africa, was a commercial pilot.

Where did Christian Bale go to acting school?

Despite only acting in three Batman movies, Christian Bale is the most popular opinion among fans as the best Batman of all time. This is in part because of Bale’s incredible performance in all three movies as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and also partially due to the unbelievably high quality of all three films in the series.

Who is the best Robin?

The best Robin in Batman comics was the original, Dick Grayson, who became Nightwing, one of DC’s most wholesome heroes. It was hard for all that followed because they all had to match up to what Dick did before them, and he was the perfect Batman sidekick. He was loyal, determined, and a quick learner.

How tall is Batman?

DC officially lists Batman as being 6 feet, 2 inches tall. The average height for an adult man is about 5’10,” making Batman taller than average. With the additional height of the costume’s hallmark pointy bat ears, Batman’s size could look pretty intimidating in a dark alley.

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What’s the Joker’s real name?

He arrived in Martha’s reality and told her about Prime Earth, where her son lives and is that world’s Batman. She then forced Psycho-Pirate to divulge the identity of Prime Earth’s Joker: Jack Oswald White. In Martha’s reality, White is a failed comedian working a dead-end job yet he’s happy. But not for long …

Who has the best Joker voice?

The 10 Best Joker Voice Actors (Who Aren’t Mark Hamill)

  1. 1 John DiMaggio In Under The Red Hood.
  2. 2 Kevin Michael Richardson On The Batman.
  3. 3 Alan Tudyk In Harley Quinn.
  4. 4 Troy Baker In Arkham Origins, Assault On Arkham, And The Long Halloween.
  5. 5 Jeff Bennett In Batman: The Brave And The Bold.

Who is Batman’s favorite kid?

Richard Grayson is clearly Batman’s favorite son.

Who is the deadliest Robin?

Nightwing is still the deadliest Robin that Batman ever trained because he is a variation of The Caped Crusader himself.

Who is the tallest superhero?

Groot and Juggernaut are by far the tallest in the two groups, while Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man are obviously the shortest.

How much can Batman lift?

Batman bench presses between 800-1,000 pounds, military presses 500-600 pounds, and curls 300-350 pounds!! Again for a mere mortal, that is unbelievable. Bruce’s lung capacity is so great he can hold his breath underwater for 4-7 minutes and can survive in an airless environment for 45 seconds!

How did Joker get his scar?

According to the Joker, his wife – who used to tell him he needed to “smile more” – got into trouble with gambling sharks who “carved her face”. As they didn’t have money for surgery and he wanted to “see her smile again” and let her know he didn’t care about the scars, he disfigured his own mouth in solidarity.

Why did the Joker become the Joker?

The heist goes awry; the comedian leaps into a chemical vat to escape Batman, surfacing disfigured. This, combined with the earlier accidental death of his wife and unborn child, drives the comedian insane, turning him into the Joker.

How much older than Batman is Joker?

The Joker was initially depicted as being much older than Batman. However, The Killing Joke presented his origin as a young comedian with a pregnant wife, and he was about 25 in it. This was nine years before the common DC canon, making him 34 now, so maybe the Joker is the same age as Batman.

What age is Joker?

In Joker, Phoenix’s character is about 30 years old. In the film, we watch as he interacts with a young Bruce Wayne of about nine or 10 years old. If Pattinson’s Batman is in his 30s, that would leave Phoenix’s Joker in a future movie somewhere in his 50s—closer to the actor’s actual age.

Who is the best penguin actor?

The Batman: The 10 Best Penguin Actors, According To Ranker

  • 6 Norlan North – Batman: Arkham (2009–present)
  • 5 Paul Williams – Batman: The Animated Series (1992–95)
  • 4 Colin Farrell – The Batman (2022)
  • 3 Burgess Meredith – Batman (1966)
  • 2 Danny DeVito – Batman Returns (1992)
  • 1 Robin Lord Taylor – Gotham (2014–19)

Will Jim Carrey play the Joker?

Jim Carrey won’t be the real Joker. He is someone inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck and calls himself Mr J. In the sequels featuring Joker, different people will take the mantle ahead of playing the scary clown of crime. Mr J is one of them and he will play the older version of this iconic villain.

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Who is the second best Robin?


Dick Grayson has second-best handled The mantel of being Robin. He first made his debut in Detective Comics #38 (1940).

Who would win Red Hood vs Nightwing?

So who would win if these two ever truly went at it in a hypothetical nerd fight to the bitter end? It might be easy to say Red Hood would come out on top thanks to his mean streak and questionable tactics, but as the dust settles, the clear winner would undoubtedly be Nightwing.

Who is Batman’s greatest success?

Nightwing is Batman’s greatest success. Batman will never stop crime. However, his parenting changed a traumatized little boy into a positive human that will become the leader of the Justice League. (Fun Fact: This answer got me hired at DC Comics back in the day).

Who does Bruce Wayne love the most?

10 of Batman’s Greatest Love Interests (That Aren’t Catwoman)

  • Julie Madison. First appearing in Detective Comics #31, actor Julie Madison was Batman’s first love interest.
  • Chase Meridian.
  • Vicki Vale.
  • Vesper Fairchild.
  • Dr.
  • Lois Lane.
  • Silver St.
  • Kathy Kane.

Who is Nightwing’s main villain?

Tony Zucco is one of the most important villains in Nightwing’s story. He is the man responsible for the death of Dick Grayson’s parents. He is also responsible for the creation of Nightwing in the first place. Ultimately, Tony Zucco is rather unimportant.

Who trained Nightwing?

Master Detective: Nightwing is a world class detective on par to the likes of Batman. He was rigorously trained by the Dark Knight in everything from escapology to criminology, fencing, stealth, disguise, and numerous other combat/non-combat disciplines.

Is Batman’s cape bulletproof?

The cape is occasionally depicted as bulletproof. The cape varies according to the current writer, sometimes being depicted as bulletproof and fire resistant, and other times being nothing more than simple fabric that tears easily and sustains constant damage and is continuously replaced.

Is Batman’s mask bulletproof?

But a new TV spot of the film, which is now circulating online, but hasn’t yet found its way onto YouTube as of press time, seems to confirm that even Batman’s cowl is bulletproof, too.

How heavy is Thor?

Bjornsson stepped on the scale at today’s weigh-in for the fight at 146.5 kg, a massive 50kg lighter than he was before starting his venture into boxing. Whilst the Canadian arm wrestler Larratt weighed in at 124 kg, three and a half stone lighter than his opponent Bjornsson.

Who is the shortest male avenger?

Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

However, because Spider-Man was dusted back in Infinity War, his physical age is more like 19-years-old. In addition to being one of the youngest avengers, he is also among the shortest at only 5’7″.

How strong is Batman’s punch?

This post comes from the official Batman v Superman Facebook account, which claims that a single Batman punch has 1420 lbs of force behind it. That makes it the equivalent of getting smashed by a battering ram, which means that if Batman were standing in front of a big wooden door, he could knock it own all by himself.

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What is Batman’s IQ?

A trivia published in BuzzFeed states, “Batman’s stated IQ is an unbelievable 192, several notches above the famed theoretical physicist (Albert Einstein), who was estimated to have an IQ between 160 and 180.

How many Harley Quinns are there?

You know what they say about Harley Quinn: she’s definitely four different characters dating back to the Golden Age. Well, maybe “they” don’t say that, but it’s true — the concept of Harley Quinn did not begin with Harleen Quinzel’s first appearance in 1992.

What disorders does Harley Quinn have?

Best known as the former girlfriend of the Joker, Harley suffers from multiple personalities, homicidal tendencies, Stockholm syndrome and possibly “shared psychotic disorder.” A survivor of domestic violence (not surprising, given her former beau), she has murdered grown-ups and kids.

What did the jokers dad do to him?

According to the Joker, his father was “a drinker and a fiend”. Joker claimed that his father gave him his cheek scars due to his being terrified when his father brutally stabbed his mother sadistically with a kitchen knife when she attempted to use to defend herself.

Why does the Joker lick his lips?

The film, as pointed out by Digital Spy, reveals the lip-licking was Ledger’s way to try and keep his prosthetic scars from coming loose. Apparently, the make-up used to create the Joker’s infamous facial scars would begin to slip off when he talked.

What is the Joker’s real backstory?

Published in 1951, Detective Comics #168 revealed that the Joker was once the Red Hood, a masked criminal who fell into a vat of acid while attempting to escape from Batman. When he emerged from the cauldron, the villain was cursed with green hair, corpse-white skin, and that unnerving perma-grin.

Is Thomas Wayne jokers father?

Cullen spoke with THR and revealed that when he played his big bathroom confrontation scene with Phoenix, he played it as though Thomas Wayne is actually Arthur’s father: “I was very surprised when I read the twist.

Who killed Joker?

Batman Kills The Joker: How Titans Season 3 Reinvents Red Hood’s Brutal Origin Story. The Joker is dead, and Batman is the one who took his life.

Who trained Batman?

Henri Ducard is the one that taught Batman a lot of his more specialized skills. The name Henri Ducard may be somewhat familiar to fans, as it was used in the 2005 film, Batman Begins.

What race is poison ivy?

A genius scientist and meta-human with hybridized plant DNA, Poison Ivy uses mutant plants, will-bending pheromones and toxins from plants and her own bloodstream for her criminal activities.

Is Harley Quinn older than Batman?

Harley’s 30 now—that’s three years older than the character of Batman (b. 1939) was when Adam West portrayed him for the very first time in 1966.

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