What is the work of Cubana chief priest?

Chief Priest is a prominent businessman who runs several bars and restaurants. He is the co-director of Cubana Group of Hotels and the owner of club Xhrine in Owerri, launched in December 2020.

How did Cubana Chief Priest make his money?

According to him, he made his first 1 Million Naira from shoemaking during his school days at Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Imo state. He works at the popular Cubana club before he built and unveiled his club known as Xhrine.

What is Cubana Chief Priest doing for a living?

He is known in the entertainment world by the moniker Cubana Chief Priest. He is the founder and CEO of a chain of nightclubs in Southern Nigeria. He is the former General Manager of Cubana Group. He is the owner of Club Xhrine, a leading nightclub with branches in Delta State and Imo State.

Where is Cubana chief priests from?

However, to prove that their bond is still intact, Chief Priest shared a video of them together as they partied at what appeared to be a club. Sharing the beautiful moment on his Instagram page, He went on to describe Obi Cubana as his overall boss.

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How many cars does Obi Cubana have?

Obi Cubana’s Cars

They include two Lexus LX 570, Mercedes Benz S450 4Matic, Range Rover Vogue, Rolls Royce Phantom, and a list of other cars.

Is chief priest a native doctor?

Most people asked this question because of the “Chief Priest” in his name. Surprisingly, he is NOT a Native Doctor or Herbalist.

How rich is Zubby Michael?

Zubby Michael’s net worth is estimated to be around $9.6 million, making him one of the richest actors in Nigeria.

What is E Money 2022 worth?

Profile summary

Real name Emeka Okonkwo
Children 3
University European-American University
Profession Music producer and businessman
Net worth $30 million

How old is chief priest?

Cubana Chief Priest’s wiki profile

Full name Paschal Okechukwu
Date of birth April 1, 1982
Age 40 years old
Education Federal Polytechnic Nekede
Relationship status Married

How many hotel did Cubana chief priest have?

They have two hotels: the Grand Cubana Hotel and Rolex Hotel.

Who is the richest between Obi Cubana and wizkid?

Mikel obi has an estimated net worth of $56 million dollars while wizkid has an estimated net worth of $63 million dollars.

How many hotel did Obi Cubana have?

After the success of Cubana Lounge, Obinna moved on to hotel business. He opened the first and the second, both in Abuja. The others were to later follow. Now, he has about six of them in Abuja.

How much is Obi Cubana House in Abuja?

He added that the Luxury Apartment will cost a whopping $1 million (about N620 million), saying the Estate is having 12-month timeline to be ready to the public. “The Estate will boast of 24-hour power supply, central sewage system, shopping mall, banking , gymnasium with a golf course”, he further stated.

Did Obi Cubana adopt a child?

Obi Cubana is the proud father of five boys – four of which are his biological sons and the last one, his adopted son.

How much is Davido net worth?

The world’s best Nigerian-American singer-songwriter “Davido” has a net worth of $50 Million.

How much is Zinoleesky net worth in Naira?

How Much is Zinoleesky’s Net Worth in Naira? Various publications have given varying estimates of Zinoleesky’s net worth, which range from $400,000 to over $1 million. This translates to between 200 and 500 million Naira.

Who is the richest actress in Nigeria?

Genevieve Nnaji is Nigeria’s richest actress. As of 2022, her net worth was estimated at 10 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to around 4.2 billion Nigerian naira (NGN). In 2005, she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role. Besides acting, she is also a producer and director.

Who is the richest actor 2022 in Nigeria?

Desmond Elliot is currently the richest actor in Nigeria as of 2021/2022, with a current net worth of N4. 1 billion.

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How much is wizkid 2022 Forbes worth?

This article unveils Wizkid’s Net worth 2022 by Forbes, Wizkid’s Awards and Biography.

Wizkid Net Worth 2022.

Net Worth ₦9.1Billion
Stage Name Big Wiz, Star Boy, Wizzy, Wizkid
Nationality Nigerian
Date Of Birth 16th July 1990
Career Singer, and Songwriter

Who is the owner of Cubana night club?

Obi Cubana, whose real name is Obi Iyiegbu, joined the hospitality business in 2006 with the establishment of Ibiza Lounge in Abuja. He subsequently founded the Cubana Group which included night clubs and hotels spread across about five states in Nigeria.

What is Cubana group?

Cubana Group is a Hospitality Service Provider with Head Office located in 17 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

What is Obi Cubana net worth in Naira?

What is Obi Cubana’s net worth? Obi Cubana’s net worth is estimated to be $500 million (₦190 billion).

Who were priest in the Bible?

Hebrew Bible

The first priest mentioned in the Bible is Melchizedek, who was a priest of the Most High. The first priest mentioned of another god is Potipherah priest of On, whose daughter Asenath married Joseph in Egypt. The third priest to be mentioned is Jethro, priest of Midian, and Moses’ father in law.

What is a meaning of priest?

Definition of priest

: someone who is authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion especially as a mediatory agent between humans and God specifically : an Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, or Roman Catholic clergyperson ranking below a bishop and above a deacon.

Who is d Richest celebrity in Nigeria?

1. DAVIDO NET WORTH ₦700 MILLION. Davido whose real name is David Adeleke remains Nigeria’s richest celebrity after he recently shared out a donation of ₦250 million he got as gift from his friends and fans alike.

Who is the richest chief priest in Nigeria?

Obi Cubana is currently one of the richest and the most influential personalities, entertainers, show promoters, and entrepreneurs in Nigeria, his net worth is estimated to be $96 million. This is based on his income, properties, and asset.

Who is the owner of Ibiza Hotel?

Obinna Iyiegbu, the Chief Executive Officer of Ibiza Club and Cubana Group Chairman has revealed his plans for his brands this New Year, 2020. Iyiegbu, who hails from Oba, Idemmili South in Anambra State hinted that plans are in motion to tidy up new branches of the company in different parts of the world.

What is the name of Obi Cubana new car?

Obi Cubana buys himself a brand new Mercedes-Benz S500 worth over N50M (Video) Popular entrepreneur, Obinna Iyiegbu, better known as Obi Cubana adds a brand new Mercedes-Benz whip to his fleets of exotic cars.

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How much is the car Obi Cubana bought for his wife?

Cubana presented the ‘tear rubber’ Mercedes Benz GLE 53 to his wife Tuesday, August 17th 2021. The car according to reports is worth a whopping 100 million Naira, or about 250,000 USDollars. Obi Cubana has spoken in the past of how he met his wife, Ebele, at a time when he was practically nobody.

When did Obi Cubana become rich?

In an interview session with BBC Pidgin that surfaced on social media on Tuesday, July 20, the businessman disclosed that his breakthrough year came during his National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) program in Abuja in 1999. The business tycoon revealed that his riches were as a result of hard work.

How many children does Obi Cubana have?

Obi Cubana and his wife are blessed with 4 boys and they took lovely photos with their parents. He also showered his beloved wife with heartwarming words and promised to mary her over and over again.

How long is Obi Cubana?

Businessman and socialite, Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, on Saturday celebrated his wife, Ebele, and their last son, Kosi, on their birthdays.

How many cars does Obi Cubana have?

Obi Cubana’s Cars

They include two Lexus LX 570, Mercedes Benz S450 4Matic, Range Rover Vogue, Rolls Royce Phantom, and a list of other cars.

Is chief priest a native doctor?

Most people asked this question because of the “Chief Priest” in his name. Surprisingly, he is NOT a Native Doctor or Herbalist.

How much is Portable net worth in Naira?

Portable Net Worth in Naira (Nigerian Currency)

In Nigerian currency portable Net Worth is N294,230,997 (294.2) million Naira.

Which state is Zazu from?

The Ogun State-born rapper grew up in Abeokuta with his family before moving to Sango-Ota, a city in Ogun state but close to Lagos State. Portable stumbled on fame by chance when a blogger, Don Blue, used ‘Zazu Zeh’ as a soundtrack on a post which eventually piqued the famous Nigerian singer Olamide’s interest.

Is Davido richer than Wizkid?

As of 2022, Wizkid is richer than Davido. With an estimated net worth of $21 million, Wizkid is the richest and highest-paid artiste in Nigeria, per Forbes. On the other hand, David’s net worth is estimated at $18 million.

How much is Davido private jet?

Davido took to Instagram to express his excitement whole congratulating his father on “their new baby”. Two years ago, the billionaire bought his first private jet at an estimated cost of $35 million.

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