How do I make the Bible fun for kids?

Making Bible study fun is easier than you might think.

  1. Begin with a game. Starting with entertainment helps break the ice and grab their attention.
  2. Have a relaxed environment. Children will pay more attention when they’re comfortable.
  3. Give them snacks.
  4. Get the children involved.
  5. Discuss and ask questions.

How do you get kids excited about the Bible?

Trying to get my kids excited about reading the Bible and engage them in a meaningful time in God’s Word together sometimes makes me feel like the ringmaster at a three-ring circus.


  1. Be passionate.
  2. Take a picture walk.
  3. Connect with prior knowledge.
  4. Model your thought process.

How can I make the Bible more fun?

Go to Bible study.

You can read ahead of time or during Bible study, and then have discussions about the interpretation of unclear parts or analyze the characters to try to understand why they did what they did. This will make the Bible more fun to read because you get to learn more with others, and you are not alone.

What are some Bible activities?

Here are nine fun Bible games that combine a great time with a great lesson.

  • Bible Charades. Playing Bible Charades is simple.
  • Bible Jeopardy.
  • Bible Hangman.
  • Biblical 20 Questions.
  • Bible Drawing It Out.
  • Bible Bingo.
  • Bible Ladder.
  • Bible Book It.

What are some Bible games for kids?

Put a Twist on a Classic Game

  • Bible Matching Game – Similar to the memory game, a matching game is a fun way to learn the names of the Apostles, Ten Commandments and more.
  • Bowl of Charades – This is a fun and easy game for a large or small group.

When should kids start reading the Bible?

Kids should start to learn to read between the ages of two and seven, with most kids learning to read around age four or five. As they develop these skills, you may wonder which books they should use to develop literacy.

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Why should children read the Bible?

Reading the Bible will help your child know who God is. Spending time in the word teaches children about God’s character and communicates His deep love for them. Knowing God nurtures trust and a relationship with Him. Trusting God leads to a life of obedience to Him.

How can I make Sunday school more interesting?

How to Make Sunday School More Fun (Without Watering Down Your Teaching)

  1. Movement. Teaching kids about the life of Jesus might normally be an opportunity to place your flimsy felt cut-outs on a board, but a more interactive approach gets the kids involved in telling the story themselves!
  2. Interaction.
  3. Quality Media.

How can I read the Bible interesting?

10 Fun Ways To Read The Bible


How can I make my kids Ministry fun?

Make It Fun!

When you play games and do crafts, use the lessons to reinforce an atmosphere that makes kids look forward to church. Additionally, play music regularly and let the kids sing or play their instruments. Worship songs are a great way to get kids engaged, regardless of their age.

What is Bible Drill game?

Bible Drill is a journey of kids and students hiding God’s Word in their hearts for a lifetime. Through Bible Drill, kids and students become familiar with God’s Word by spending time in the Bible. They memorize scripture and the 66 books of the Bible as well as learn Bible Skills.

How do you entertain children at church?

From a personalized My Quiet Book to fabric marble mazes, discover activities to keep kids quiet at church.

  1. My Quiet Book. Quiet books are common in church for a reason — they work like a charm!
  2. String lacing cards.
  3. Coloring pages.
  4. Textured books.
  5. Seek and find bag.
  6. Felt board.
  7. Button squares.
  8. Magnet doodle board.

How do you play Bible Bingo?

Players with that book on their Bible Bingo Card can cross out that square. The first player to cross out 5 squares in a row (in any direction) and shouts “Bible Bingo!” wins.

What is the Bible explained to kids?

The Bible is God’s story as recorded through history. It points us to God, but it’s incomplete. Or rather, it’s incomplete without Jesus. We need to know Jesus WELL because God is most fully revealed in the person of Jesus.

How do you motivate students to read the Bible?

6 Ways to Stay Motivated to Read the Bible

  1. Remind yourself of your why. With anything in life, if there isn’t a solid “why” behind it, I won’t do it.
  2. Set a time and strive for it.
  3. Try switching it up / refreshing your time.
  4. Set some notifications.
  5. Find accountability.
  6. Pray it up.

What happens when you read the Bible everyday?

Reading the Bible on a regular and consistent basis has several benefits. First, the Bible shows us God’s character and provides us God’s revelation of himself to his people. In each section of the Bible, we see God’s holy, unchanging, faithful, gracious and loving character.

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Why do I struggle to read my Bible?

One of the reasons the Bible is hard to read is because of the historical, language, and cultural gap between when it was written and your life today. On a side note, it’s amazing how long ago the Bible was written and it is still changing people’s lives all over the world!

Why are we studying the Bible?

Studying the Bible book-by-book helps us to develop Bible interpretation skills as we learn differences in writing styles, contexts, and genres. It provides time for truth to take root. While salvation is immediate, the Bible reminds us that discipleship is a process.

What makes a good Sunday school teacher?

Proven experience as an educator is advantageous. Active Church and community member. Good understanding of planning and developing lesson plans. Must be available to teach classes twice a week including Sundays.

How do you lead children in Sunday school?

Prepare Your Classes in Advance

Don’t wait until Saturday night to start thinking about your Sunday morning class. Set aside a little time each day to make plans and find relevant materials. Your lessons will make more of an impact on the children when they are not rushed through at the last minute.

How often do Christians read the Bible?

Regular Bible reading

Around a quarter (27%) say they read it a few times a week. Fewer say they only read it once a week (12%), a few times a month (11%) or once a month (5%). Close to 1 in 8 (12%) admit they rarely or never read the Bible.

What is the best way to study the Bible?

10 Tips for Studying the Bible

  1. Begin your study with prayer.
  2. You don’t have to start at the beginning.
  3. Choose a topic relevant to you.
  4. Get to know a character.
  5. Write down what you learn.
  6. Listen to the Bible online.
  7. Read or share with someone else.
  8. Look up what you don’t understand.

What am I who am I game?

The “Who Am I” game is a fun party game where players try to guess what famous person they’ve been assigned by asking yes or no questions. To play, gather a group of friends and decide on a category or theme. For example, you could do historical figures, celebrities, or movie characters.

Who am I in the Bible Game?

The objective of the game is to identify your own Bible character by asking only yes or no questions. Have everyone sit in a circle. Explain that you will be giving everyone a “Who Am I?” card, but they are not allowed to look at their own cards. This is the Bible character they have been assigned.

What can you teach children at church?

15 Sunday School Lesson Theme Ideas

  • Theme: Jesus Hears Our Prayers.
  • Theme: Jesus is Our Anchor.
  • Theme: Becoming a Fisher of Men.
  • Theme: Convicted for Christianity.
  • Theme: Take Time to Rest and Enjoy God.
  • Theme: Me and My Big Mouth — Understanding Gossip.
  • Theme: Worrying about “Stuff”
  • Theme: Knowing the Holy Spirit.

What does every child ministry need?

What Your Children’s Ministry Needs from You in 2021

  • Persevere by Caring.
  • Get Rest.
  • Remain Hopeful.
  • Seek Clarity.
  • Be Authentic.
  • Create Margin.
  • Show Courage.
  • Above All, Remain Faithful.
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What are good icebreakers?

Here are 11 fun icebreakers that your staff — from managers to employees — will enjoy.

  • Two truths and one lie.
  • Find 10 things in common.
  • Whodunit.
  • The scavenger hunt.
  • Human rock-paper-scissors.
  • The one-word icebreaker game.

What do you put in a church bag?

5 Must Have Items for a Church Busy Bag

  1. Religious Mini Puzzles. Religious Mini Puzzles.
  2. Religious Sticker Scenes. Religious Sticker Scenes.
  3. Religious Maze Puzzles. Religious Maze Puzzles.
  4. Jesus Loves Me So Tic-Tac-Toe Game. Jesus Loves Me So Tic-Tac-Toe Game.
  5. Faith Based Coloring Book and Crayons.

How do I distract my toddler at church?

Let them color in a coloring book or draw. Let them bring their favorite stuffed toy to hug and “listen” along with them. Take a quiet toy or two; he can play within his seat to keep your child busy. You might rotate them out or have unique toys just for church time.

Where in the Bible does it say Train up a child in the way?

“As the scripture teaches, `Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ‘ (Prov. 22:6.)

What are 10 interesting facts about the Bible?

10The Bible has more than 780,000 words.

  • 01The shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35 – “Jesus wept.”
  • 02Esther 8:9 is the longest verse in the Bible.
  • 03Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible.
  • 04There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible with 31,102 verses.

How can we promote the Bible?

Free Ways to Promote Your Bible Study

  1. Bible Studies Near You. Did you know we have an index of Bible studies?
  2. Social Media. A lot of women find community and Bible study through social media these days.
  3. Print Resources.
  4. On the Big Screen (or Small Screen).

How do I teach my kids about Jesus?

The most effective approach to teaching kids about Jesus is to lead by example. So sit down with your Bible in front of them. (Reading the Bible on your phone looks identical to scrolling Facebook.) Let them hear you praying throughout the day.

What are 4 uses of the Bible?

​Give six uses of the Bible in Christian life

It makes them identify with God/Jesus as well as enhancing their unity. To recite prayers from it e.g. the Lord’s Prayer. It has guidelines and rituals e.g. the Lord’s Supper and marriage. It is a source of belief about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and the church.

How long should you read your Bible each day?

The scriptures never specify how long we should read the Bible. However, the scriptures do tell us to have the Word of Christ dwell in us richly (Colossians 3:16). To do this, I recommend we should read the Bible every day for at least 20 minutes to an hour.

What are some Bible activities?

Here are nine fun Bible games that combine a great time with a great lesson.

  • Bible Charades. Playing Bible Charades is simple.
  • Bible Jeopardy.
  • Bible Hangman.
  • Biblical 20 Questions.
  • Bible Drawing It Out.
  • Bible Bingo.
  • Bible Ladder.
  • Bible Book It.
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